Paint rock river agate

Alabama Paint Rock Agate Page! Updated March 166 : 10 p. I'll be updating this page soon with a confirmed date as opposed to tentative. Cabochons cut from Paint rock agate. Paint Rock agate is usually red and yellow. It can sometimes have other colors and even fortification lines. This is an area of great beautywith mountains that steeply rise up to 1, feet in elevation. While steepit is not too steep to hike up the mountain.

The best most scenic place to do this is up a stream or wash. There is plenty of shade on this tree covered mountainso it is not as hot as most places. The limestone on the mountain side is like a mini "rock city" with natural bridges and rock formations. There is usually lots of fossils to be found too!

This will involve a lot of breaking rocks to find the good color. Here is what you will need to bring : Backpack since this is hiking on a gentle mountain slopeit is a must-have item! Be sure to bring lots of water -more than you think you'll need! Hammer and Safety glasses You will be mad at yourself if you dont bring a hammer Bug spray - s trongly recommended!

Potatoe rake or pick Mattock to pry up agate that is partially sticking out of the ground. You'll simply walk along and break the agate to determine what has color. Hit large pieces of agate in several placesbecause larger pieces sometimes have color only on one side.

The side you dont check may have color. Agate that has red on the outside often doesnt have color in the inside. It's simplehammer an edge to determine if the agate has color on the inside Don't just look for the obvious exposed agate. Keep a close eye out for agate that is partially covered by dirtleavesalgaemoss and lichens. Be Safe. Safety glasses are mandatory and I will ask to see them when you sign in. Please notethis is on a mountain and requires moderate physical activityincluding hiking from the base to the top.

It is not easy and is not for beginnersalthough the agate is easy to find. Naturallywe will guide you to a likely place and will show you what to look for before starting the dig.

C hildren not allowed on this dig. I'll be happy to make an exception if you can convince me that your child is safety oriented and that you will keep them in sight. Just send me your phone number via email and we will discuss it. Got a question? We have answers! We don't offer phone support so please dont call!

This event will be held rain or shine! No cell phone service in this area! It is the nicest Holiday Inn I have ever stayed at. Expensive, but if you have priority club reward points, this is the BEST place to stay.Tennessee cultured pearls: Coin-shaped, cultured freshwater pearls in beautiful iridescent shades of gold, pink, and blue. Native Americans in what is now the eastern and central United States began using freshwater pearls and shells as adornments over years ago.

Both men and women wore pearl pendants and earrings. They also used pearls and pieces of shell to adorn their clothing. By the s a few companies began producing shell buttons from freshwater mussels, and a new industry was born. The freshwater mussel fishing industry produced shell for buttons and other objects, mother of pearl for decorative use, and freshwater pearls as a byproduct.

This industry persisted until the late s, when plastic buttons swiftly displaced shell buttons and the market for shell products collapsed. The shell products industry began a revival in the s when Japanese cultured pearl producers began buying seed nuclei from a small number of producers in the United States.

Mother of pearl and freshwater pearl production continued as byproducts of seed nucleus manufacturing. In the s and s, a few small cultured freshwater pearl farms were launched in Tennessee and California.

The start of this industry coincided with a rise in popularity of pearl jewelry in the United States. Cultured freshwater pearls were available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and were accepted by many consumers. Tennessee has been the leading state for cultured freshwater pearl production since the s. Enough pearls are produced there to make Tennessee one of the top ten gemstone -producing states on the basis of value since the s.

Today the American Pearl Company is the only producer of freshwater cultured pearls in the United States. They produce cultured pearls in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Their "fancishapes" include marquis, teardrop, bar, navette, cabochon, triangle, and, the most popular, coin. A photo of three coin-shaped pearls in different colors is shown at the top of this page. Most people don't think of Tennessee when they think of agatebut some of the most interesting agates in the United States are found in Tennessee.

It occurs in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and appearances. The most common are swirls and bands of red, yellowish brown, and a clear, slightly milky agate. Perhaps the most interesting is a nearly transparent variety that has floating red beads within see photos. It is a nearly transparent variety that has inclusions of floating red beads. It makes great gems when cut into thin slices and polished on both sides. There are many collecting sites in Tennessee. All of these are on private property and most are not open to collectors.

Another famous agate from Tennessee is the rare iris agate found at Horse Mountain. Iris agate is a translucent, nearly transparent material with very fine bands. When a beam of light passes through the agate, it encounters the edges of the tiny bands.

paint rock river agate

The edges of the bands disrupt the passage of light, breaking the light into separate rays which take separate paths through the agate. The bands in the agate act as a natural diffraction grating, diffracting the light and producing a bright display of spectral colors. For more information about these, visit the Tennessee Agate Site. Author: Hobart M. Find Other Topics on Geology. Maps Volcanoes World Maps.

State Gemstones. North Carolina. Synthetic Opal. Tumbled Stones.This blog displays scenic photos taken from around Grand Marais, MI. Photos of rockhounding and nature adventures are also posted. Information is included about the Gitche Gumee Agate and History Museum and other scientific subjects.

For more information about the museum and our unique mineral art, books, DVDs, and Online rockhounding classes please go to www. Post a Comment. The Agatelady: Adventures and Events. I hope that this blog will help me share my adventures and art with family, friends, museum patrons, and customers. You can learn more about the museum at www. View my complete profile. Tuesday, March 12, Tennessee Paint Rocks. I've seen these microcrystalline quartz specimens before, but the ones I saw looked more like jasper than agate.

This is not true for the specimens pictured on this web site. Most of the Tennessee Paint Rock agate deposits are located at at the ' to ' level on the west side of the Cumberland Plateau.

The matrix is generally at the ' level with deposits down the mountain due to erosion and surface slides. Much of the surface material has already been collected but some adventurous collectors are having luck digging down as much as eight feet. Occasionally more agate continues to erode off the plateau, but you have to be in the right place at the right time to find specimens.

Notice in the photos below how this sedimentary rock agate looks similar to some of the Teepee Canyon agate found in South Dakota. Will does sell specimens as well as bola ties and some jewelry. He has contact info on his web page. There are different names of the agate for the different locations. First, Dripping Spring agate This next variety requires a 3. Greasy Cove Agate Greenhaw is a site which had some wonderful Tennessee agate.

It produced a lot of large agates for a short time, but is now picked over and also posted as private property. The Tennessee Paint Rock agate gets it's name from the poor quality of agate found at this site: heartbreak agate. It has beautiful color, but also has numerous fractures. Below are photos Will posted of rough specimens. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.The waters of Larkin Fork run a peculiar shade of blue-green, a color imparted when the water percolates through limestone underground.

These feed into the Paint Rock River which supports a hundred different species of fish and 45 mussel species, two of which are found nowhere else in the world, the pale lilliput and the Alabama lampmussel. This was probably around Her father, John Henry, would not look at it; he turned his head to look the other way.

John Henry Kennedy, born in just before the outbreak of the Civil War, pointed out to his family the location of the one-room schoolhouse where he had taught school when he was just a youth of about 16 or 17 years old. Each community had to establish such schools as they saw fit.

In the completed project so amazed and inspired the newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt, he created the Tennessee Valley Authority. Samuel had been hung in his own cornfield for selling corn to the Union army upon their demand in She lived untilalso raising two of her grandchildren whose mother, Susan had died shortly after childbirth.

Squire E. Kennedy died in It is generally believed that Stephen was married twice. Sons by his first wife were thought to have been supportive of the Union and sons of the second wife, supportive of the Confederacy. For the most part the residents of Paint Rock Valley were attempting to remain neutral. This made foe considerable uneasiness among the residents. These raids led to retaliation by Confederate partisans and, as the war dragged on, to savage guerrilla skirmishes.

Tennessee Kennedy would hide her children in a hollow tree for protection when these men came through, burning their fences, stealing or running off their livestock. His wife, Tennessee thought she knew who his attackers had been and stated in a letter many years later, that she had forgiven them. The names of these men is not known, nor was anyone ever prosecuted for this senseless crime.

They were true pioneers, raising corn, oats, wheat, pumpkins, sugar cane and perhaps a little cotton, but not much in the way of cash crops. Most would never become rich. They kept horses, mules, cattle, sheep and hogs; and corn was the staple. Pristine and unspoiled was the way they had found this place. Kennamer also states that deer, bear, panther and wolves abounded in these woods and caves and wild turkey were as plentiful as barnyard chickens. A typical black bear could sit down for supper and easily consume a heap of 50 ear of corn.

Early in the nineteenth century, Davy Crockett had explored most of what is now Jackson County and is said to have carved his name on a tree in upper Paint Rock Valley. According to the Nature Conservancy, it is one of the most biologically important regions of the state for both aquatic and plant and animal associations. The Watershed encompasses about square miles. On top of the plateau within the watershed, isolated ponds dot the landscape.

White fringeless orchids are often found around the pond perimeters and rare dragonflies are found in the waters. Ina group of local residents and landowners formed a nonprofit organization known as the Paint Rock River Initiative for the purpose of protecting the river and its watershed. This initiative received federal funding for such purposes as building a riparian buffer along the creeks that feed the river to prevent livestock from entering and contaminating the water. Funds were made available for drilling for well water for the livestock and fences to protect these beautiful streams from becoming drainage ditches for agricultural runoff.

The underlying limestone of the watershed is riddled with caves, springs and sinkholes and is a well-known destination for cavers and spelunkers throughout the U. Some caves have been documented in Jackson County with virtually all of the entrances located on private property.Illegal activity or property damage is not the responsibility of this website, but each visitor is encouraged to review the Rockhound Code of Ethics.

Each website visitor is advised also to consider reference sources listed and outside sources in their research before visiting the location. Here is the general description of what can be found: "Location 1: The Paint Rock River Valley Paint Rock Agate is found at the interface of the upper Mississippian limestone and the Pennsylvanian sandstone on the steep sides of the Cumberland Plateau.

The sandstone weathers at a faster rate than the limestone and therefore a bench general forms at the interface. The agate can be found free of the limestone matrix but at the origin it is often found locked in the limestone.

paint rock river agate

Permission must be obtained to prospect from the local landowners. This is the South so politeness and respect for property is expected. Many landowners will allow rock collecting but don't ask to hunt deer. Paint Rock is a highly colored red, yellow, pink, and some green agate with fortifications, moss, flame and plume. It is found as nodules and in seams. Helpful notes to newcomers: Some nice agate can be found in the streams which is more accessible than the steep mountain climbs.

In fact wading in the cool streams and searching gravel bars is great fun. For the physically challenged this is the best bet. Handy to bring along: 1 Shovel and a pick 2. Rock Bag 3. Bad mistake if you forget the water. Good hiking boots 5. Long pants if you don't want to be cut with briers. The best area is around Trenton. Search both sides of the mountains and the gravel bars in the streams.

I found beautiful red carnelian pieces in the Paint Rock River. Collecting Locations. Popular eBay Items.

Extra Locations. Add a Location. Collector Specimens. Most Viewed Locations. Most Recent Locations.Paint Rock Agate photo page Updated June 24, The agate pieces below were found April 10, The pictures below show what was found on the March 27 dig at my new pay to dig agate site in Paint Rock ValleyAlabama.

Pictures below show slabs and a piece found on March If you're interested in joining us to collect some agate yourselfcheck out the Alabama agate page. At lower elevations you can find these as fracture free nodules that have weathered out of matrix. My chisel wasn't working well on these shown here. Chris had to saw a slice off the piece to yield a flat surface or a ' slab '. Next, he marked the outline for the desired size and shape -in this case, an oval. After trimming out the oval shape it was glued to a "dop stick" using dop wax.

The above photos show how the preform which is glued to a dop stick is ground with a grinding wheel into the domed shape of a cabochon. Nextthe finishing touches of smoothing the dome. Lastly, it will get a high polish. The photos below show the prepolish and polish stages and finally the finished paint rock agate cabochon Trenton Cherry.

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Beautiful Paint Rock Valley, Alabama “Little sister to Virginia’s Shenandoah” [pictures and story]

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paint rock river agate

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