Peacock painting vastu

Paintings and Photo frames play a vital role in home and office if placed as per vastu shastra hence placing them at proper location is important to get vastu benefits.

Vastu says, North, North-East and East walls are best fitted for photos, photo frames, mirrors and photos or pictures of Gods that we worship to get real benefits.

As per vastu, Norh-East location is considered as best for placing wallpaper of natural scenery at your home. In vastu, there is special provision for god statue and paintings. Be it photo, painting or pooja room everything is clearly mentioned here. Vastu brings peace and prosperity in home if we follow it properly hence one should not neglect the things described by vastu shastra to avoid any kind of negative effects.

Could we place wall painting of running horse in sea shore with blue effect pls suggest in our drawing room south side wall. Just said that never place photo of God in any bedroom.

Then in next para said put the photo of Goddess Saraswati in kids bedroom. Make your point clear mate!

7 Feng Shui Bird Symbols to Renew and Inspire

Thursday, April 16, Vastu Shastra Vastu for Home. Which photo hang in south direction in hall. There is small window i want to close it. Please advice pictures or painting s in S. In which direction is best for baby pictures in bedroom. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! April 15, Most Liked by Others:. Vastu Shastra for Money Plant. Tips and Remedies April 12, All rights reserved.The Door opens anticlockwise.

Is this perfect position. Place picture next to main door instead of on the door. DO correction of anti clock door with virtual pyramid copper arrow.

Hello, Flat which you have booked having north east cut has a major vastu defect. Cut at north east indicates missing water element.

This has direct impact on your health and finances. You need to cure it by putting a vastu mangal kalasha near the north east corner from the inside.

Placing a paintings and mirror under the guidance of vastu expert will help you to reduce the negative impact. Hello, Door should open clockwise while entering to the house.

North east kitchen is a major defect. Kid room is ok. Put a energy partition copper pyramid strip on the toilet door at east and south east. Bed room at south west is a good location. Get your house completly examined by vastu expert or get professional e consultation at info vastuplus. I have picture of Endless Road. The Main door is placed in North corner on the NW wall.

Which is best position to place the picture of endless Road. Will this improve my career. I have place above the door I can place the picture above the door opened and resting on the NE wall. The other place is on the NE wall with the door in closed position resting on the NW wall. When the door is opened the picture goes behind the door.

Please advise. Hello, I want to place a picture of horses in south west wall. Place it on south and not at south west. It should not face the main door. Place it in odd numbers and not running in the water.In Feng Shui applications birds are powerful symbols which represent new opportunities and also symbolize love and commitment or abundance and good luck.

Having birds in environment is believed to be the same thing as inviting good chi and blessings from heaven so place them in right direction to get all the blessings from Heaven. Below are some of the most popular Feng Shui bird symbols used in Feng Shui applications.

Lucky birds in Feng Shui applications Feng Shui Phoenix Bird also known as firebird is the king of birds which symbolizes the energy of great strength; resilience and transformation. Phoenix is often paired with the Dragon as a Feng Shui symbol of marital happiness and can be gift to newlywed couples for a harmonious marriage. The Feng Shui element of Phoenix symbol is fire and south is its Bagua area.

You can place Feng Shui Phoenix Bird symbol at the entrance of your house for guarding purposes. You can buy this beautiful phoenix bird statue from fengshui-supply. Feng Shui Crane Bird is the symbol of longevity and peace. It is painted with other important symbols such as peaches and pine trees, spotted dear, peony and lotus flowers to bring more luck and happiness in your life.

Every symbol and combination has its own meaning and significance. It is also considered as a symbol of cleanliness and purity. To bring good luck place Feng Shui Crane in the South facing side of your room but do not keep caged birds because that will represent confinement and the stunting of growth.

Feng Shui Mandarin Ducks is used to improve relationships and love. Mandarin Ducks symbolize long-lasting and strong relationship. You can place photo or a painting of Mandarin Ducks or small statues of Mandarin ducks as a Feng Shui love cure.

Vastu for Posters and Paintings

Place mandarin ducks in the South West portion of the bedroom or of the house. You can also place Mandarin Ducks in your personal lucky direction for love based on your date of birth. Feng Shui Magpie bird symbolize joy, happiness and luck. It also symbolizes the tendency for nesting so if you want to settle down use magpie symbol. It is also associated with marriage, children and happy households.

You can place Magpie bird in the SW corner of the bedroom to strengthen the love energy and to bring fame, recognition and popularity place Magpie bird in the South. Display the magpie in the living room facing inwards as it has just arrived from the main door to bring in happiness and realize all your goals. Feng Shui Doves symbolize peaceyou can use doves as a love cure to promote a long and peaceful marriage. Always place doves in pairs consist of male and female together one by the side of the other not one facing the other.

Ideal location to place Feng Shui Doves is the South West direction of the master bedroom in a way that they should be easily seen while entering the room or while leaving it.

You can place these beautiful doves in the room of a spinster or bachelor who are looking for suitable life partner. Feng Shui Rooster is a symbol of courage, dependability, diligence, self-determination of perseverance.

You can gift beautiful rooster symbols or statues to your loved ones as a to keep in the office or home to boost their life spirit will and it also keep an eye open to eliminate the chance of third-party interference. Place the rooster in the South corner to enhance the recognition, reputation and accomplishment luck. It is an excellent gift for the people who are pursuing their career in politics or people worried about straying spouse.

Feng Shui Eagle is a symbol of confidence and growth in business. It flies high in the sky and has very focused eyesight so place it at the entrance to your business or home to get protection by keeping a watchful eye over the premises.

It is ideal for office you can place Feng Shui eagle in the South sector of your office to bring you fame and recognition luck. Feng Shui eagle will help you to reach to your highest potential with grace, dignity, fearlessness and foresight in every field of life. Feng Shui Peacock is a symbol of beauty, prosperity, royalty, eternal love, purity and peace and all these qualities make it suitable application to activate fame luck and protect you from dangers.

You can place the beautiful peacock symbol in your home or office to enjoy all the blessings associated with Peacock - love, peace, opportunities, joy, success and prosperity.Spread the love Bring in the much needed peace and prosperity to attract positive energy that brings harmony to life. Here are 5 vaastu remedies that would certainly act beneficially and bring about an optimistic change in your life. Even one small oversight or incorrect decision can shake its foundations and create disharmony.

Follow these simple tips while considering doing up the interiors of your house and usher in a vibrant atmosphere. Gone are the days when real estate developers would boast of world class amenities provided in their flats.

In which direction is the main door situated? Finally the builders had to design their buildings according to Vastu. And lo and behold! And then were the customers fully satisfied. Such is the power of Vastu and not without reason. So what is in this Vastu Shastra that the rich or the poor, the salaried or the entrepreneur and the man or the lady still prefer it and are ready to make minor adjustments to incorporate Vastu into their homes?

How do you relate the elements of nature with their directions? For harmony and peace, the balance needs to be achieved between the elements and directions. So provisions are to be made for proper reception of sunlight in this direction. When you know about the five elements and their favoured direction, the need for positioning of objects and colours makes sense. So now is the time to go into some aspects of Vastu and see how it can be incorporated into our daily lives.

What are the things that need to be avoided, what are the things that you need to go for and what is the reason behind all these? Here below are five tips that can make your home vastu compliant and usher in peace and happiness:.

Hues and its significance:. Colours are mood indicators. Colours are the joys of life. Colours are the sadness in life. In short, colours have the power to affect our moods. Colours have the power to heal.

Colours have the power to depress. When colours are everything in our life, we need to ensure that the right colour combinations are selected so that it brings out the best in everyone. So what do colours signify? Red stands for power, aggressiveness, energy, passion and materialism. Blue stands for serenity, contentment and beauty.But have you ever thought what makes your bedroom tranquil? The environment and the color used for the bedroom are all contributing factors.

According to Vastu, even the art used in the bedroom can change the ambience of a room. As per Vasthu Shastra, bedrooms should have paintings that bring calm and relaxing atmosphere. Here is a list of nine such Vastu compliant art paintings you can buy to hang in your bedroom.

5 mistakes to avoid as per Vaastu Shastra for house

Charles Burton Barber was an English artist who is famous for his paintings depicting children and pets. The whole setting of the painting is calm, serene and warm. The artist has used white and a mix of earthy colours to create this beautiful art painting. The one we are talking about here is the one completed in This painting depicts an almond tree with lots of white flowers, and is set against a blue backdrop.

These are the colors that bring tranquillity to your bedroom. In most of his paintings, Gustav Klimt has used earthy colors and symbolism. In this painting, Klimt depicts a large tree with a woman on one side and a couple on the other.

5 Secrets of Success at JITO Expo Hyderabad - Entrepreneurs Talk - Dr. Jai Madaan

The painting is warm and can blend perfectly with the tranquility of a bedroom. This is an art painting by Martin Johnson Heade, depicting blossoming apple tree and a hummingbird resting on the branch. The unruffled white background and the exceptional details given to the lighting make the whole painting truly a masterpiece. This painting will be another great addition to a relaxing and tranquil bedroom. According to Color psychologyyou should bring art paintings that are rich in white color.

After all, white is said to bring the purest color. In this painting, the artist illustrates a zoomed-in version of a large white pansy flower. The abundance of white and the traces of blue and yellow in the painting makes this another great art painting you can bring to your bedroom with little hesitation. Art paintings of flowers can always make your bedrooms relaxing and filled with energy at the same time.

The artist Shyama Ruffel has always created fascinatingly beautiful and exciting artworks of flowers and nature.According to Vaastu every person should follow some given set of norms, few directions, which can certainly let them excel in their career. A working professional or Business persons should adhere to Vaastu ethics to get success in life without obstructions.

Excelled career is imperative for every individual and to achieve superior position, which gives you space to grow in financial and other aspects of life.

However, this will not always happens in everywhere, or in the every case and this is why we have to use Astrology or Vaastu ideology which certainly helps. Each and every profession has its own governing and sustaining planets, which acts as barrier creators. Following are the professions which governed by specific planets. Sun [Surya] Planet Sun if properly placed in birth chart, it point out that person will be self — self-assured, kind hearted, sincere, protective, inspiring, motivating the people to meet up their goals in life and will possesses the leadership skills.

Remedies to enhance the position of Sun:. A person with favorable Moon in birth chart is acts like Mother Care taker. He is Spontaneous sympathetic and responsive to solve the anxieties and others problem. Moon can be strengthened by these Vastu Remedies:. Mars [Mangal] Mars is a warrior and has a courage and willpower.

peacock painting vastu

Person having Mars in good position in birth chart is action oriented, energetic, and ambitious and always ready to accept challenges. Professions related to Mars : Army, Police and fire related works are associated with Mars. The position of Mars can be strengthened using following Vaastu remedies:. Mercury [ Budh ] Having Mercury in positive place in birth chart indicates the person will have systematic approach, good in numerical skills like accounting, finance, measuring surveying and writing.

Remedies to increase Mercury:. Enrich the position of Jupiter using the below mentioned remedies:. Venus [ Shukra ] Venus is a planet of beauty, art and joyfulness in life and favorable Venus makes an individual charming, a good host, good sense of art and culture, social relationship creator, focus on harmony, highly diplomatic, skilled analyzer of people and situations, aware of enjoying pleasure and comfort.

Saturn [Shani ] The constructive Saturn [ Shani ] in the birth chart indicates good endurance and staying power making the person solid functioning, which puts in the extra effort to make things right, follows ethnicity, and pursue the Ethics and abide with them. Weakened Saturn in the chart makes the person unresponsive, depressed, and low on aptitude, lethargic, lack of vitality, life filled with delays and losses, users of drugs and alcohol.

Saturn can be made positive using remedies:. They specify according to the associate planets or consequence of the house they placed.

In common Rahu acts like Saturn. Rahu brings up the vision to come up with innovative solution to the problems in complex times.

The positive Rahu will make the person clever and with technical skills. Remedies to make Rahu and Ketu positive:. Your email address will not be published. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. So, what is your name? Skip to content According to Vaastu every person should follow some given set of norms, few directions, which can certainly let them excel in their career. Remedies to enhance the position of Sun: Put a Lucky Bamboo plant in East direction of living room Put on a rising Sun portrait in the East direction of living room East direction should be light weight and in Orange color shades.

The position of Mars can be strengthened using following Vaastu remedies: Display a Red Phoenix portrait on the South direction of a living Room Beautify the South direction with your academic certificates and medals Avoid placing water elements in South direction. Avoid placing iron or black shade item in the North and Northeast direction of any of the room in house or office Put the cash box in North direction.

peacock painting vastu

Place a pomegranate portrait in the dining area.Vaastu for Plot. Building a dream home needs vigilant considerations and apart from the good architectural design and construction techniques, the location of the plot affects the energy of the residents through out life.

Unique 'Plastering' makes a difference and requires a lot of skills which are discussed here. Tips for Cement Paint.

Vastu Tips: 25+ ways to boost positive energy in 5 areas of your home

Cement paint perks up exterior surfaces and maintains good looks of a building for many years. It offers matt finish on walls and protects buildings from worse weather conditions. This write up tells you mixing process, application method and benefits of cement paint. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient system of designing the buildings.

peacock painting vastu

It helps in maintaining a dynamic balance between Form and Energy to create harmonious homes and other buildings. Study Room Vastu. Learning how to concentrate on studies is a skill that you will use for the rest of your life.

The key to concentration is to eliminate any distractions. Each distraction progressively distracts you more from the goal you are trying to achieve. Vaastu is Authentic. Vaastu governs every movement of life. It imposes some certains rules on man for his well being throughout the life.

Vaastu Shastra-Meaning and Relevance in the real estate market. Vastu is a Sanskrit word which means Vaas: Live Tu: you, a place where you live or dwell.

Shastra means a text which contains knowledge or instructions. Simply put Vastu Shastra means instructions laid down for building a structure. A skilled plumber is required to implement proper water supply lines, drainage and sewerage lines. Good quality material is another way to ensure hygienic conditions in a house or building.


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