Synix tv uganda price

It is a less popular TV brand hence you will tend to find it fairly priced. You will save money but access a quality TV which can serve you for long. The difference comes in due to the popularity of the brand. The company offers quality products at fair prices. It is a great price for those looking for ways they can save money when buying the TV.

Other great features of the 24 inch TV include the following:. It is an HD digital display TV which has a lot of features which make it a great addition to your home.

The PVR recording allows you to record your favorite channels to disk so that you can watch them later. Some of the great features which make the television set stand out include the following:. You can record videos and movies on your screen so that you can watch later. It is a great features which saves you time. You will never miss a program upon buying the TV set.

In less than 20K, you have the TV in your sitting room. It is a less known TV brand, but it comes with several features which make it stand out. Some of the remarkable features from the TV include the following:.

With high definition, you have a quality system in place which can serve you very well. The quality of movies pictures and sports will be exciting each time you relax on your sofa set to watch.

The 43 inch TV comes with several features which make it a great addition to your home. Some of the remarkable features you enjoy upon buying the big screen TV include the following:. With the PVR recording capabilityyou can record programs for later use. You will require an external disk for you to perform the operation. If you are looking for a big screen TV, then you should consider going for the 43 inch screen TV.

Some of the features you will appreciate about the TV include the following:. If you compare the TV with a 43 inch sets, you will see a big difference. The 43 inch TV has a big screen which makes it a great addition to your home. Have you ever heard of a 39 inch TV screen in Kenya? The TV screen comes with several features to assure you value for money.

synix tv uganda price

The digital TV does not require you to buy a decoder, it easily tunes to free to air channels so that you can start your viewing experience straight away. The high definition display ensures you achieve the best out of the picture quality. There is no eye strain due to the clear display. Samsung TVs Prices in Kenya. Teqworld TVs Prices in Kenya. Hisense TVs Prices in Kenya.

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If you are looking for a 32 inch digital TV, you can order the set.Watch out for your favorite items from fashion, accessories, groceries, gadgets and many more at great prices. Collect yours now and SAVE more budget. And for a debuting television, this one is decidedly off the charts. Read more. Apple's stock has taken a recent beating recently and the weak performance of the iPhone lineups did nothing to help. The silver lining is that Apple has decided to partner up with major TV manufacturers and might release original content this year.

Sobrang na-impressed ako so far sa TV na ito ng DeVant. Amazing ang quality ng picture at perfect for viewing sports at mga movies. Nagwo-work din nang smoothly ang YouTube app nito. Ang ganda pa ng Amazing ang picture ng TV na ito. Nag-iisip pa ako nang ilang linggo kung flat screen ba ang bibilhin ko o itong curved model. Parehas na maganda ang review nito pero ang pinili ko eh yung curved Maganda ang nagawang TV na ito ng Samsung at pagdating sa price at value nito ay hindi ka magkakamali kapag ito ang binili mong model ng TV.

Hindi lang sa madali ang interface nito pero ang ganda -gan Where can I turn on the Subtitles on this tv i already check menu but it doesn't shows. The most-viewed 4K TVs are the Samsung 55 in. Under P20, the most-viewed TVs are the Samsung 43 in. The most-viewed TVs are the Samsung 43 in.

Produced by kakaku. Samsung 43 in. P15, - 16 Prices. P7, - 14 Prices. Samsung 55 in. P31, - 12 Prices. Samsung 65 in. P23, - 17 Prices. DeVant 43 in. P17, - 8 Prices. P12, - 6 Prices. Samsung 32 in.Entertainment is an important aspect of life. The television is designed to bring to your home the best of entertainment and enlightenment in the best way you would want it.

Asides its entertainment purposes such as music, movies, we depend on the TV for our news, education, culture, weather, and even sports. The technology revolution has increasingly presented new and amazing innovations to the TV as we know it. Now your TV can be connected to the internet, your phone and laptops, operated as a computer with an operating system of its own, has screen displays that make your viewing experience as real as the world around you.

Just before you click the BUY NOW button, you just might want to be sure of what you want and what the specifications of what you are buying are. Keep these in mind as you make your preferences:. Size: You do not want to buy a TV that appears to swallow up the walls of your small living room or one that looks like a speck of dust on your large wall. On average, your the distance of the wall to the sofa in inches should take about 1.

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TV Resolution and Display: With high-resolution, you can now sit closer to your smaller TV and still view as clearly as from afar on a larger TV of lower resolution. Be sure to read through the specifications to know if your TV is smart or Bluetooth enabled.

Sound: Higher Wattage translates into better sound input. Look out for TV sets that come with their own audio systems to avoid spending double on separate speakers except you love it that way.

Your budget: This is majorly used as a final alignment or compromise button on the brand or product to go with. You can filter your search on our website using the price list. Looking out to get a new television set to compliment your new home or simply to upgrade to something more sophisticated? You can not go wrong with a perfect TV set on Jumia Ghana. Shop for your televisions on Jumia Ghana at the most affordable prices. Sort by: Most Popular. Keep these in mind as you make your preferences: Size: You do not want to buy a TV that appears to swallow up the walls of your small living room or one that looks like a speck of dust on your large wall.

Buy Your Television On Jumia Ghana Looking out to get a new television set to compliment your new home or simply to upgrade to something more sophisticated? Male Female.There are many brands and models out there. So you can imagine how daunting it was for us to filter through and select what we consider the best products on the market.

Because the TV is something that sits in the living room for everyone to watch — size matters — a lot. The bigger, the better, but the more expensive.

2019 Pay TV Packages and Prices: Which is the best deal?

Flat Screen TVs come in 17, 25, 32, 40, 42, 46, 55, 60, 75 inches. And Smart TVs are a lot more costly than their flat screen counterparts. I used Jumia Uganda to compare prices since they have already done the hard work of sourcing these products from several vendors in town.

Also keep in mind that this shopping guide is completely based on Price, not reviews. Lets start with budget TVs. Okay, lets go for a bit of a bigger screen size TV. But besides price, lets see what really makes this screen kick. Not so crisp as to give you full HD viewing experience, but it will pass HD pictures. The TV also will keep your Umeme power bill low with only 67W consumption. The advantages of wireless connectivity are far-reaching.

They include connecting the TV to other devices like smartphone, tablet in the home. The distinction is very clear as I explained in my previous TV guide.

Smart TVs are really still expensive in Uganda and globally. These capabilities and features make your connect the TV to other devices around the house such as MiFi, router, Smartphones, laptops and tablets where you can share pictures, music and videos on the big screen.

You can also hook up the TV to the Internet for instant software updates, tweeting, Facebooking and Skyping. So there you have it; the best flat screen and Smart TVs with their prices in the Ugandan market. Advertisement - Continue reading below.Write a Review Update Info. Send Enquiry. Reviews 1. Made payment but I am not back on air. When you contact customer care, you get automated messages which eventually are not helpful! This is poor service. Reply Useful 2 Wrong.

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Nyanja Ashiraf. Poorest signal in the region. What type of customer service is this?????!!!! Reply by Peter Njehu 11 Feb, i want to pay my subscription from mobile money. Reply Useful Wrong. Hello go tv it's been three days my international channels are not working all the time network is out of service it's becoming so boring and making life so hard please improve on your serves.

Kyomuhendo Dorcas. There are few gospel channels on go tv plus yet expensive at least add a gospel music channel for religion on go to plus package a change will be highly grateful.

My complaint is on supersport live games especially premier league that are listed on the schedule to be broadcasted instead you show recorded outdated sports programs. Answer Useful 1 Wrong. IUC Answer Useful 1 Wrong 1.

synix tv uganda price

Answer Useful Wrong. GOtv is the home of African television and we are committed to delivering family entertainment to Africa. GOtv provides the greatest selection of local channels made in Africa for Africa.

Our reliable service is one you can trust. Experience the digital revolution in your home. Last update: October - View Status.DSTV Digital Satellite Television is one of the leading television and home entertainment services in Africa, boasting of over 6 million subscribers only in South Africa, and many other subscribers world over.

Without a doubt, the market for digital television subscription here in Uganda has been flooded with newer kids on the block, and even other giant broadcast satellite providers which include; Kwese T. V, Zuku T. V, Azam T. V, Star Sat and many others. These have posed a competition to DSTV, which has influenced prices as well as packaging of different bouquets.

In this blog, we break down the different bouquets offered by DSTV, prices as well as the particular channels which you are given access to when you subscribe under a particular package.

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You might want to know the particular channels you will have access to when it comes to a given package. In this next list, we have all the channels offered by the different DSTV packages.

This shall help you choose wisely what in particular the package you want. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Saturday, April 18, Get help. Credit: DSTV. Facebook Comments. How to apply for the Ugandan e-passport online. WorldRemit slashes costs on Mobile Money transfers. Download TM WhatsApp v7. Bob Wayne Wonders - April 10, 0.TCL televisions are made of topmost quality and standard. As a company, they aim to provide smart products and their vision of contributing great services has made the brand a global name.

Some of their other products include telephones, washing machines, refrigerators, air-conditioners, smart health appliances, etc. Their commitment to innovation and integrity make TCL one of the trusted names in electronics appliances and products. TCL televisions come with high-resolution picture quality which makes you see every detail graphics on the screen clearer and sharp. So, get your snacks ready for yourself and friends to watch your favourite football match or intriguing Netflix or YouTube videos and blockbuster movies.

Watch the news, and get the latest apps and more from your smartphone into the television that have enough memory space for you to save them. You can also take advantage of our Jumia Pay option to make payment online and enjoy discounts on every purchase you make.

synix tv uganda price

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